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What Does A Dodge Powertrain Warranty Cover?

Find out what parts are covered under Dodge's Limited Powertrain Warranty for diesel and gas-powered vehicles.

Dodge is widely known for its high-performance muscle cars, supercharged engines, award-winning truck series, and iconic styling. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) owns Dodge, which offers an array of affordable vehicles for every need, whether you need a roomy seven-passenger Grand Caravan or a powerful Charger.

Dodge's powertrain limited warranty covers gas-powered vehicles for 5 years/60,000 miles and diesel-powered trucks for 5 years/100,000-miles. Regardless of which warranty you have, both help cover the cost of parts and labor needed to repair a powertrain component. In order to qualify for repair coverage, a part being replaced must be listed in the contract and have a defect in either workmanship or materials.

Dodge Powertrain Warranty Coverage

Powertrain warranty coverage is included with every newly-purchased Dodge vehicle.

As part of the Dodge Powertrain Warranty, you are covered for all internal parts of Dodge vehicle, including:

  • Cylinder head assembly

  • Timing case

  • Timing chain

  • The timing belt

  • Gearbox

  • Vibration damper

  • Oil pump

  • Water pump

  • Exhaust and intake manifolds

  • Flywheel

  • Valve covers

  • Oil pan

  • Turbocharger

  • Supercharger

  • Serpentine belt

  • Seals and gaskets

  • Transmission

  • Torque converter

  • Drive/flex plate

  • Transmission range switch

  • Speed sensors

  • Pressure sensors

  • Transmission control module

  • Bell housing

  • Oil pan

  • Transfer case

  • Axle

  • Driveshaft

  • Power transfer unit

  • CV joints and boots

  • Differential

  • Overrunning clutch

  • Vacuum motor

  • Torque tube

  • Pinion spacer

  • Transaxle

  • PRNDL position switch

Towing & Roadside Assistance

Your Dodge powertrain warranty also includes roadside assistance, meaning you will be covered for towing in the case of a vehicle failure. You must visit your nearest authorized Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram dealer for repairs under the warranty. Traveling beyond ten miles to another dealership will incur a fee.

Can Anything Void My Dodge Powertrain Warranty?

It is crucial that you understand the terms of your contract before you sign it because several factors can void your car warranty. You should familiarize yourself with the warranty agreement and ask your warranty provider questions if you are unsure about anything.

Dodge powertrain warranties can be terminated under the following circumstances:

  • Falsification of records

  • Modifications or additions without authorization

  • Use of non-OEM parts

  • Use of non-Dodge approved additives or materials

  • Installation of accessories without a dealer's assistance

  • Use of anti-rust or corrosion protection products

  • Use of non-Dodge approved AC refrigerants

  • Tampering with odometers

Do I need a Dodge Extended Warranty or is the Dodge Powertrain Warranty enough?

Investing in a vehicle service contract or extended car warranty can help you protect yourself against the costs of an unplanned auto repair. Even though Dodge offers great coverage, your contract will expire once you've owned your vehicle for five years or have reached the specified mileage. It will be your responsibility to pay for any repairs that your insurance won't cover without an extended warranty. An extended warranty can be purchased at any time, but it is most beneficial to purchase one before your Dodge manufacturer's warranty expires.

What is the most reliable company to purchase a Dodge Extended Warranty From?

The dealership or a third-party provider like Total Auto Protect can sell you an extended warranty or vehicle service contract. Your choice of extended warranty provider will depend on a number of factors, such as your driving habits, the use of the vehicle, and the cost of the warranty.

The best extended warranty is the one that provides comprehensive breakdown coverage that is comparable to your factory warranty, along with additional benefits. It is important to consider benefits like rental car coverage and 24 hour roadside assistance when your vehicle is in the shop for repairs before choosing a warranty company.

Choosing the right Dodge Powertrain Warranty

It is a good idea to research your options before you decide on a vehicle protection plan. Make sure the policy meets your budget and protects you from costly repairs by asking questions and requesting a free quote.

Check out our top 10 picks and extended warranty program reviews to learn more about extended warranties and service contracts.

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